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GDPR as a Challenge

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation of the European Union and therefore applies to all countries within the EU. It regulates the handling and processing of personal data in companies. Personal data includes, for example, first and last name, identification number, customer number, information on location – basically everything that allows conclusions to be drawn about the identity of the respective person. The DSGVO serves to protect customers, as companies are not permitted to pass on personal data to other companies within the EU without permission.

GDPR has been in force since 25 May 2018 and continues to present companies with major challenges. Companies must have an overview of all personal data, because the GDPR also means the right to forget: It must be possible to delete customer data if the customer so wishes.

Finding and analysing GDPR relevant data

Personal data is mainly stored in the ERP or CRM system. However, limiting the search to just this is not enough: Most of the time, data relating to a person is also found in chat histories, e-mails or is stored locally on the computers.

The GDPR Monitor helps companies to identify personal data – no matter where they are located. It searches through all data silos and data stocks and clearly lists all locations that contain personal data. The GDPR Monitor thus helps companies to comply with GDPR quickly and easily.

GDPR Monitor

GDPR monitor supports two scenarios:

1.) Finding storage locations: The GDPR Monitor searches unstructured data in GDPR requests for information. If you enter the name of the person whose data is to be deleted, all locations will be listed, indicating the respective data source.

2.) Analysis of the databases: When information is requested, all personal data is analysed. They can then be handed over to the Data Protection Officer in a list for subsequent evaluation.

The GDPR Monitor provides companies with an overview of where personal data is stored. This enables companies to act accordingly if data has to be deleted and thus meet the requirements of GDPR.


Easy Finding

Identification and listing of all personal data found when requesting information.

Fast Analysis

Analysis of all relevant personal data for the procedure directory within a very short time.

More Safety

Helps companies comply with GDPR by identifying all relevant personal data.

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