Compliance and Fraud Detection
Find supect cases at your company in a fraction of time
Compliance and Fraud Software
Compliance and Fraud Detection

Compliance, E-Discovery and Fraud Detection

Corporations have enormous needs for ensuring global compliance. Requirements range from anti-bribery to privacy policies to data security. Contract Analyzer for Compliance can help to identify areas at risk of noncompliance and so help avoid costly penalties with FCPA, export control, HIPAA or EU data privacy. Contract Analyzer for compliance can also help extract information for regulatory recordkeeping and reporting, as required by Dodd Frank (QFCs), Basel III, Solvency II, and others. Contract Analyzer includes built-in provision models that can identify clauses across large volumes of contracts.

Evaluation and analysis of e-mail messages and documents

In order to exonerate themselves in legal proceedings or to obtain evidence, companies need quick and straightforward support. The following example describes a virtual case to illustrate our (IntraFinds) way of working.

In the course of an internal audit, a company discovers serious irregularities affecting several employees. For investigating and obtaining evidence for possible legal actions against the employees, the company is enforced to investigate the digital data of several employees.

The data is stored on local hard drives, file servers, in active e-mail accounts as well as in e-mail archives. The sheer amount of more than 100.000 documents per employee is too large to handle and analyze manually in a conventional way.

This is where the IntraFind solution comes in: The company needs an appropriate, straightforward, extremely professional and efficient approach for data evaluation in order to quickly identify exonerating or incriminating evidence.

Customer Benefits

Easy & Quick

Easy and quick assistance with data analysis based on intelligent search and analysis software

Less effort

Less effort for law firms by rapid data evaluation. No more manual marking of relevant text passages.

iFinder ready

Use iFinder5 elastic as a central, universal search for contracts across all data sources.

High Quality

High-quality hit list with the most relevant results at the top thanks to sophisticated linguistic methods.

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