Change Analyzer AI
Find important changements on your market automatically
Evaluation and analysis of e-mail messages and documents
Find suspect information in a minute of time

Market monitoring through Machine Learning Algrorithms with our Change Analyzer

You must be aware of changes to content, such as of legal texts or other information and be permanently kept informed?

We largely automate the monitoring of these data sources and inform you in a compressed way whether something has changed and what has changed. Our monitoring works for data that is freely available on the Internet. Depending on the project, we can also access your specialist information behind a password login with your accesses, if necessary, and include these contents in the change monitoring.

Automated testing for new or changed content results gains massive time and cost savings and a significant quality in opposite to manual work. You tell us which links and domains we should monitor for you, the rest we take.

You can also administrate the monitoring system yourself via an easy-to-use web application – or you just get a periodic e-mail with all the changes and do not have to worry about anything else.

Use Change Analyzer as you wish – as a software as a service (SaaS) or as an in-house installation on premises.

Customer Benefits

Saving Time

Save your time and be informed automatically about important changes of your market.

Automated Monitoring

Let our algorithms do the work. The monitoring process is completely automated.

Informed automatically

You’ll be informed automatically when our software finds changements matching your needs.

SAAS or On Premises

Use our software as you need it – like SaaS or on premises installed in your IT infrastructure.

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