Is the Contract Analyzer running in the cloud or on-premise via its own server?

We offer Contract Analyzer in the cloud and on-premise. However, most of our customers prefer on-premise, that means an application on their own server. The analysis components should usefully be where the data is. With our solution, we also do not take any approach that the customer and project-specific machine learning knowledge is “socialized”. Your know-how will remain your know-how … even in the form of AI algorithms. As a software vendor, we create many models, which enable fast cold-start capability for a wide variety of deployment scenarios. Customer-specific knowledge remains but customer-specific knowledge.

Which languages ​​are supported?

The Contract Analyzer supports German and English for clause detection. In addition, many data points can be extracted from other content languages.

Are “real” people involved in the contract analysis?

IntraFind is a pure software manufacturer that offers you the software for the contract analysis, but does not completely analyze the contracts or provide legal advice. However, we work closely with auditing and law firms that offer this full service based on our solutions. So we can also offer a full service, but we focus our core competence as software specialists.

Is there a user support? If so, in which languages?

Yes, there is support. We offer support in German and English.

Which licensing models are there?

You can either buy a one-time license with annual software maintenance or use the subscription model for rent.

Does the Contract Analyzer already have a preconfigured basic concept or database? Does the software learn based on the new data input?

Yes, we already supply the system with pre-trained models. However, it often happens that more recognizers or extractors for new data points or relationships, concepts have to be created for a project. Models can be created flexibly, either by you or by us – depending on the complexity of the task. The system learns with these inputs – learning also takes place, for example, by making corrections to recognized clauses – this is done by marking with the mouse and assigning it to a model or label.

What requirements must be met for the Contract Analyzer to be used? Are there any special requirements for IT?

This depends on the amount of data, that is, on the amount of text to be analyzed. The system runs on a standard server and has no special hardware requirements. It also does not require any additional licenses, such as database licenses.

Is it possible to integrate into existing solutions such as SAP or Salesforce?

Yes, this possibility exists. Our analysis component does not need its own user interface, but we “fill in” from a source system or some kind of content delivery.
For the analysis, all contracts and documents are taken into account, which – depending on the application – are processed, prepared, enriched and then, for example, passed on via REST API to another application, such as an existing contract management system, or SAP or Salesforce.

What are the costs and how do they fit together?

The costs depend on the application. Here we differentiate between different use cases: for example, whether a document inventory remains permanently in the Contract Analyzer or extracts data points or clauses from a contract only once and these are exported to a CSV file, for example. For a more detailed cost estimate, please contact us directly. Click here to contact us.

Is it possible to test the Contract Analyzer for a certain period of time?

Yes, both the contract analyzer itself and the data analysis components can be tested.

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