Due Diligence Software
Our Maschine Learning contract analytics software will find your KPIs in a fraction of time
Due Diligence Software
Due Diligence will be much more faster with our AI based contract analytics software

Accelerate your due diligence with Contract Analyzer our machine learning due diligence software

The traditional contract review for a full scope due diligence process involves manually checking hundreds and thousands of documents. This highly manual process is an invitation for errors with a high risk of missing out on the KPIs needed to make a decision, – from overlooking key provisions in contracts to failing to notice changes in key terms altogether. With Contract Analyzer for due diligence, you can solve this problem in the shortest possible time.

Obtain a fast and more accurate due diligence

Contract Analyzer for due diligence automates the extraction and analysis of your key performance indicators from across your contracts.

Find M&A terms automatically – especially in unfamiliar contracts and conditions

Select which terms you would like to find, for instance change of control and assignment provisions: Thanks to the the outstanding tagging functionality, Contract Analyzer will highlight them for your review. The built-in modules have been tested thoroughly for accuracy on unfamiliar agreements.

Analyze your results

Because you can tag entire documents or only selected provisions, you can analyze almost any data point with Contract Analyzer. Create and export custom summary charts and summaries, and add or remove provisions as needed.

Faster due diligence

With Contract Analyzer, your due diligence process will be completed much faster.

Reduce your risk

Thanks to the machine learning algorithms, you can rely on locating the critical key provisions.

Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to our  machine learning algorithms, our software will do the entire work for you.

Generate detailed reports

Generate detailed reports to see all the important KPIs at one glance.

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