1) Technical questions

How can I access Contract Analyzer?

Contract Analyzer is a web application that can be accessed via a browser. We support all major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Internet Explorer 11.

How is access to Contract Analyzer secured?

The access is secured by a very complex system-defined password. Two-factor-authentication is currently being implemented to ensure even stronger system security.

What happens to the data and documents during and after processing in Contract Analyzer?

The data is stored on an encrypted instance for as long as you want to use the data for your respective project. If necessary, the data can be irrevocably deleted.

Is Contract Analyzer operated in the cloud or on premise on its own server?

Contract Analyzer is usually used as a cloud service on hardened systems. In this case, on-site installation at the customer’s site is not necessary. However, the product can also be installed on premise in the customer’s infrastructure on request.

Where is the data stored in the cloud?

All data is stored in a separately hardened German data center in Germany. The data center complies with the security standards of DIN ISO/IEC 27001. Of course, we also formally protect you by complying with and confirming the relevant secrecy and data privacy regulations.

Do other Contract Analyzer customers have access to my training data?

Contract Analyzer does not share customer-specific and project-specific machine learning knowledge with other Contract Analyzer customers. This means that your know-how remains your know-how, even in the form of AI algorithms.

As a software provider, however, we offer many predefined AI models that enable a fast cold-start capability for a wide variety of application scenarios. In any case, customer-specific knowledge remains customer-specific knowledge.

To use Contract Analyzer on premise in your IT infrastructure: What requirements must be met before Contract Analyzer can be used? Are there any special IT requirements?

This depends on the amount of data to be analyzed. The system runs on current standard servers and has no special hardware requirements. It also does not require any further licenses, such as database licenses.

As in every classic software project, we would suggest a hardware sizing that is tailored to your requirements based on the quantity of documents to be analyzed. A cloud instance automatically scales with your requirements without you having to worry about it.

Is it possible to integrate it into existing solutions such as SAP or Salesforce or a contract management system?

Yes, it is. You can integrate the analysis backend WITHOUT the Contract Analyzer interface – it is simply a service. But you can also, for example, integrate the Contract Analyzer user interface into an existing application via iFrame or create or adapt your own UI. The API´s are well documented.


2) Costs and Support

Which licensing models are available?

Basically, there are two possibilities: either based on the number of contract documents or based on the number of pages to be analyzed. We offer two models: a voucher model á la Pay-as-you-go and a subscription model. So you can choose an annual or one-off page contingent depending on your needs. When this is used up, simply order a new one. However, if you notice in the course of a year that you need a higher page volume with the subscription model, this can be booked at any time.

We will be happy to make you an individual offer on request.

How high are the costs?

The costs depend on the respective application. For an individual cost estimate, please contact us directly.


3) Usability questions

Is IntraFind a full service provider?

We are a pure software manufacturer. This means that although we offer you the software for contract analysis, we do not analyze the contracts completely for you. We deliberately do that!! For corporate lawyers: Of course, we are also happy to provide the relevant expertise via a partner company, e.g. to present data extraction from leasing contracts as a full service. Just get in touch with us.

Does Contract Analyzer already have a preconfigured basic concept or database? Does the software learn based on the new data input?

Contract Analyzer is delivered to the customer with a set of predefined AI models to ensure a fast cold-start capability.

As a customer, you also have the option of marking relevant text passages accordingly. Using these markers, the system learns the relevant relationships and suggests further text passages that match the respective marker and could therefore be relevant to you. With each additional selection, the quality of the suggestions becomes better and better.

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