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Contract Analzyer our contract analytics suite is based on the latest artifcial intelligence algorithms

Artificial Intelligence - Content Analytics with Machine LearningThanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP), the Contract Analyzer Suite for contract analytics is able to comprehend search queries in complete interrogative sentences. Furthermore, Contract Analyzer supports a wide range of Linguistic and Semantic Features.

Intelligent methods empower Contract Analyzer to be the Content Analytics Suite for your Business: Thanks to Machine Learning as well as rule-based methods like Named Entity Recognition Contract Analyzer is going to be the most amazing Contract Analytics Platform for better insights for use cases like due diligence, fraud detection, web content analytics and much more.

Why using Artificial Intelligence

Due diligence is a complex, time-sensitive and high-risk task. Contract review is usually conducted by junior associates who spend long hours over late nights and weekends reading hundreds of pages, a process which is subject to human error.

Contract Analyzer helps lawyers to categorise, review and analyse thousands of documents and contracts. This new approach allows for incredibly powerful search and filter capabilities, increasing the efficiency of contract review by at least 50%.

Furthermore, the ability to identify contracts and clauses which are derivating from the standard contracts and clauses greatly minimises the risk of missing key information in contracts.

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