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Find insights in contracts within seconds
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning Contract Analytics
Accelerate your due diligence
Support your clients with a full scope due diligence

Work more efficiently and save costs with legal tech – Contract Analyzer provides all relevant contract contents at a glance

Employment contracts, rental contracts or leasing contracts – Contract Analyzer is the perfect software for processing contracts. It extracts all relevant clauses and text passages in a matter of seconds and presents them in a clear and concise way.

Your benefit

The intelligent legal tech software simplifies tedious routine tasks and supports you in complex analyses. You gain valuable working time, become more efficient and remain competitive.

Use cases

With Contract Analyzer you are well prepared for all legal application scenarios such as

  • Contract analysis
  • Due Diligence audits and M & A procedures incl. Red Flag reports
  • Monitoring of legislative changes
  • Compliance with IFRS16 standard

Artificial intelligence combined with legal know-how

The software, which is based on artificial intelligence, supports the latest machine learning methods. Contract Analyzer takes into account feedback from legal experts and the most diverse application scenarios. It masters legal terminology and processes information at enormous speed.

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Artificial Intelligence in pragmatic use:
Software makes your daily work easier and relieves you from standard tasks

Intelligent reading support for contracts and clauses

Comparing of clauses

Automatic tagging of contracts

Quickly identify unfavorable clauses

Quick check of large contract quantities

Reducing risks

„By 2020, the current amount of manual billable legal work will be reduced by 15% through AI-based technology.“

Gartner 2017

Your benefits

Reduce costs

Reduce costs of your due diligence.


Find all KPIs you need in a fraction of time.


Catch key provisions that might be missed.

Reduce Errors

Reduce risks and human errors.

How it works

  • Upload your data easily

    Upload your unstructured data to the system

  • Analyze data

    Our AI Software analyzes your data in a few seconds

  • Search through all your files

    Find all the critical parameters and KPIs within your data.

  • Get your detailed reports

    Generate detailed reports of all the information you need.

Contract Analyzer – Features at a Glance

Enterprise Ready
The software meets the highest demands of corporate IT departments. You can use Contract Analyzer on-premise in your own IT infrastructure or in a secure German cloud data center as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).
Role-based Dashboard
Rights and role-based view on all projects. Project managers see reports and statistics on the status quo of all ongoing projects.
Clause- and document-based work
Clear view of all contracts, documents and extracted clauses. Individual sections can be commented on, marked as completed or forwarded to other colleagues. Creation of Red Flag Reports for a better overview of the things that are important for the evaluation.
Multiple files and sources
The connection of data rooms, other content sources, also e.g. E-mails ensure that the lawyer has all the relevant information bundled in one place. Contract Analyzer recognizes and processes over 600 file formats (Word, PDF, Excel, Powerpoint ...) and has also incorporated market-leading OCR text recognition for processing scanned documents.
Flexible sharing and export
The lessons learned can be easily obtained from the software e.g. exported to Excel.
More security through rights and role concept
During indexing, the rights of a document are included in the index. All information in the software is therefore validated for each user. The access rights to the application can be assigned and controlled in a finely granular manner.
Linguistic and Named Entity Recognition
Software understands German from the beginning, supports 33 other European main business languages, entity and clause recognition in German and English.
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
The software uses methods of artificial intelligence, with an excellent understanding of the German language. Machine learning, deep learning and fact recognition are the building blocks in the background that recognize clauses, allow for variance comparisons and thus guarantee time and cost savings.

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